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Google is Broken, the 2009 Edition

Google is Broken, the 2009 Edition

I thought there was something wrong with my PC’s setting or something, or Firefox maybe experiencing some problem or my Internet connection has been attacked. But never did I thought that Google Search maybe down or something. At least for the past couple of years that I’ve been using it almost every moment when I’m online. I never encountered this kind of problem with Google Search.


It’s been like this for 10 minutes or so now. When you do a search, you’ll immediately notice something different from the search results page.  A statement that says – “this site may harm your computer. And when you click on any of the search results it even gets worsts. You’ll land on a page the following page.


Update: Ops, Google is back. The warning message is gone now.

Incidentally, the last something like this happened was way back in 2005. Well, at least according to Google SERPs for the keywords – “Google is Down”.

Update: Google’s Marissa Mayer said the glitch was caused by human error. The warning should have been flagged for one site only but erroneously expanded to all sites indexed by Google. Here’s the official Google explanation

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Google is Broken, the 2009 Edition

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