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Google IPO is Evil

Google IPO is Evil

Ensight’s Jeremy Wright takes the diabolical angle on Google’s IPO Rumors in his piece, Google IPO is Evil. Here’s a clip.

I, perhaps alone, am going to stand in the middle of this tide and try and yell as loud as I can and I will pray as hard as I can that this IPO does not happen. It could be the worst thing to happen to tech since the 90s.

I will repeat this because it’s that important: The Google IPO is NOT a good thing for Tech, IT or business.

Now that I’ve said my peace I’ll explain a little bit. I’m sure I’ll be called upon to explain more as time goes on, and I’ll happily do so, however for now I’ll stick to the basics.

My primary reasons for opposing the hype around the IPO (more than the IPO in particular) is that it will help in creating a bubble-type mentality, it will get a disproportionate amount of smaller investors involved, it will focus an illogical amount of attention on tech and it will, overall, raise the level of expectation across the board.

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