Google+ Introduces View Counts For Personal Profiles

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Yonatan Zunger, Chief Architect of Google+, shed some light on a new feature many have been noticing showing up on their Google+ profiles. If you haven’t seen it yet, on your Google+ personal profile you will now notice a view count underneath your name and location.

In a post made on Google+, Zunger states he’s been getting asked about the new view count number. Zunger put together a list of the questions he’s been getting so everyone can access all the key answers in one place. They are as follows:

What does this number count? This is total views on your profile, your posts, your photos, and your videos.

What constitutes a “view?” When someone view your profile page, it counts as a view. For photos and other media, a view is counted when a piece of media you posted is served up on another person’s screen. When someone views your hovercard, that does not count as a view.

Is this related to +1’s, reshares, etc.? Only in the sense that if someone +1’d your post they would have had to view it first.

If someone reshares my post, does that count? Yes, since it results in your post being seen. It also counts as a view if someone sees your post through an “Alice +1’ed this,” through a post embedded on a website, or any other way that someone comes across your content.

I don’t want to show this on my profile! You can hide this by going to your settings page. Go to and look for “Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed.”

This seems strange: Some people seem to have a lot more views relative to their number of followers than others. Is something broken? Not at all. Some people have a lot of followers but don’t engage with them well, while other people engage amazingly with a smaller group.

I want to find out more. Check out the Help Center article at

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  • Thanks for the info. Will be an interesting addition to see numbers on how many users are viewing your content on G+

  • I like this new features of Google Plus and its better then G+ counting. Thanks for sharing.

  • Google+ view counter counts can be extremely misleading: read this to learn more -

    Let’s look at two ways you might have ridiculously inflated views:

    1) image views of images in your Google+photos count towards views
    OK, makes sense, but images for blogs in Blogger store their photos there too. So let’s say you have an active blog, but an inactive g+ account, it’d skew your g+ activity wildly.

    2) take it a step further. What if you make and distribute a free Blogger template, with all of the images stored in an album tied to your account. Say 10 images used in the template per page View. And it gets installed on 100 blogs, each getting 1000 page views a day. That would be 1 million views per day added to your profile number.

    Misleading, right?

  • I was just wondering about this myself. I have over 15 million views and only around 600 followers. I’m really not that active on G+ and finally realized that it must be my blog that’s causing the views (blogger platform). I’m not even blogging anymore but it keeps spreading through Pinterest.

    Do you think it’s possible that authorship could play a part? Meaning, not only profile and content views on G+, but also views on the content a user produces around the web? Just a thought.