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Google Introduces New Schema Markup for Critic Reviews in SERPs

Google Introduces New Schema Markup for Critic Reviews in SERPs

Google has introduced a new type of Schema markup that can be used to display detailed critic review knowledge graph cards in the search results pages.

Critic review Knowledge Graph cards are a new feature Google recently rolled out to provide instant answers to questions like “did Ant Man get good reviews?”

Along with the launch of these cards Google is offering a way for publishers to add markup to their site that will signal to Google how to display their review cards, and which sources to pull the reviews from.

The new Knowledge Graph cards will be displayed across mobile, tablet, and desktop at the top of the search results page for relevant queries.

Currently, critic review cards are only available for movie reviews, but Google says its expanding the feature to TV shows and books.

Google explains how publishers with long-form reviews for these entities can customize the Knowledge Graph cards with snippets from individual reviews using Schema markup.

Using markup is a way of telling Google which snippet to use, what URL is associated with the review, and other metadata about the reviewed item to ensure the right review is shown for the right entity.

Google provides detailed instructions on this page about how to make use of the new cards. The exact code is provided, all that’s required is customizing the fields based on the entity being reviewed.

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