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Google Introduces Dynamic Sitelinks, Dynamic Sitelink Clicks Are Free

Google Introduces Dynamic Sitelinks, Dynamic Sitelink Clicks Are Free

Google announced via the Inside AdWords blog that they will be introducing dynamic sitelinks.

Sitelinks are used to connect people to the content they need by linking to specific pages on your website with a direct link from your ad. Dynamic sitelinks are automatically generated sitelinks that appear below your ad text.

Google describes this as another example of “AdWords tools adding value to your ads while saving time and simplifying campaign management.”

Google cautions that impression share for dynamic sitelinks will be low, so you should still continue adding and optimizing sitelinks. The sitelinks you set up manually will always shows, except in a few cases where the dynamic sitelink might perform better.

Dynamic site links have already begun rolling out globally. When a searcher clicks on a dynamic sitelink it will be free for the advertiser, but Google points out that you’ll still be charged for clicks on the headline of your ad and other ad extensions.

You will always have the option to disable dynamic sitelinks, though Google says they typically boost the average performance of an ad.

Google concludes the announcement by stating that they’re constantly working on ways to improve the ad experience for users and advertisers. “Sitelinks enhance this experience by increasing the relevance of your ads and the relevance of the user experience you deliver after the click.”

Thanks to Larry Kim of WordStream for tipping us off about this news. I recommend checking out his post for further analysis on dynamic sitelinks.


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