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Google Integrates The Google Tag With Ads & Analytics

Google makes it easier to implemented the Google tag via integrations with Google Ads, Google Analyics, and popular CMS platforms.

Google is making it easier to implement the Google tag across an entire website by integrating it with Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Sitewide tags are essential to understanding how customers interact with a website and its ads.

However, it isn’t easy to set up and manage tags without technical expertise.

In August, Google rolled out a single, reusable Google tag that helps advertisers set up and manage sitewide tags.

The Google tag allows advertisers to do more across different Google products and accounts without changing a website’s code.

Now, Google is rolling out additional capabilities that simplify the setup process and provide more visibility into a site’s measurement coverage.

Tag Coverage Summary

To improve measurement accuracy, tagging should be used across all website pages. Now, you can quickly determine whether your Google tag has been implemented on all of your website’s pages using the new tag coverage summary.

The tag coverage summary will also suggest pages that may not have been properly tagged to ensure they’re included.

In a blog post, Google shares an example of how to use the tag coverage summary report:

“You’ll see where your tags are implemented in suggested pages, which can be added to your summary to understand your tag coverage on these pages later. And, if the suggestions don’t include all of your website pages, quickly add the URLs by entering them or uploading a CSV file. You can also click the Tag Assistant icon next to each page to investigate whether your tags are implemented properly.”

Integration With Google Ads & Analytics

To make Google tag even easier to use, businesses and advertisers will soon be able to find Google tag capabilities directly integrated into Google Ads and Google Analytics.

This integration removes the need to add more code to your website.

For businesses using popular content management systems or website builders, you’ll now be able to install a new Google tag across your website without making manual changes to the site code.

You can reuse your existing gtag.js implementation or create a new Google tag to deploy without making changes to your website code. You can do this directly in your CMS within the Ads, and Analytics account setup flows.

CMS instructions are shown on your installation screen for platforms that are integrated with the Google tag.

Source: Google
Featured Image: Framalicious/Shutterstock

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Google Integrates The Google Tag With Ads & Analytics

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