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“Google Inside” Your PCs?

“Google Inside”  Your PCs?

Ellinor Mills of CNET News reports that Google, and Intel, the world’s largest supplier of microprocessors has reached a

co-marketing initiative that will allow makers and sellers of Intel-based laptops and other computers to easily buy keyword-based search advertising and online display ads for branding through Google’s AdWords system.

Under the said agreement Google will provide a suite of tools  that will help with Intel’s virtual marketing campaign that will be integrated with Google’s own Adwords campaign.

Mike Hoefflinger, general manager of Intel’s global partner marketing unit said:

While small businesses may be comfortable buying online ads through Google’s online automated ad auction system, the need for coordinating with Intel and other partners makes customized Google ad help necessary through the Intel marketing storefront

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So, the next time you buy a new laptop unit, don’t be surprised to see that “Intel Inside” together with perhaps another sticker that says – “Google Inside”. Kidding aside, looks like Google is all out in its drive towards maximum profit from its advertising product which is raking in millions of bucks for itself. I just can’t help but wonder, which avenue has Google ads not penetrated yet? No wonder, it has become the number one highly visited site today.


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