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Tomorrow in Bangladore, India, Google is holding its Google SearchMasters Conference 2009 which is an opportunity for hte Indian webmaster community to interact with Google staff and learn about its publisher tools.

The Google SearchMasters 2009 lineup is quite impressive, with local Google India team members and top Google spokespeople and engineers, like Adam Lasnik.

  • Vivaik Bharadwaaj – Manager of the Search Quality Evaluation team in India and Korea.
  • Adam Lasnik – As Google’s first Search Evangelist, Adam is dedicated to building stronger relationships between Google and webmasters.
  • Koti Ivaturi – Part of the Search Quality team at Google. One of the two Google Guides from India on the Google webmaster Help Forum.
  • Rajat Mukherjee – group product manager at Google, working on Google Custom Search platform.
  • Ankit Gupta – working on making mobile products discoverable and accessible.
  • Dinesh Jain – A Google Analytics Specialist
  • Deepak Kumar – from the Google Analytics team, and works on Google’s Website Optimizer.

Apparently, the conference is invite only via site registration and more info can be found on the FAQ page.

Will anyone be live blogging the event? If so, please leave a comment below or contact me.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Shadab Malik

    i have been unfortunate enough since this came as a late news for me .. registration is full now.. i would have been glad to live blog otherwise..

  • Nishan Khednah

    I twittered whilst I was there for most of the sessions :). There was a lot of live tweeting and it was good to meet some peeps there.

  • BG Mahesh

    It was a good one to attend. There was lot of enthusiasm. I hope other Search engines take the users seriously like Google.

  • Lohith


    Greatly impressed from sessions of Adam Lasnik and Rajat Mukherjee. Relationship between indexing and custom search has been revealed.

  • Lohith

    What I learn t from Search masters is Google developers from Mountain View is seriously thinking on indexing and crawling.

  • Raghavan R P

    I have done a small round up post on the event Now Adam is currently addressing the searchcamp 2009 in Chennai, India

  • Praash Kotian


    I am the one luck guy to attend the search Masters India event in Thanks to Adam Lasnik and Rajat Mukherjee. Learned lot form your presentation.

    Really i got some hints for google upcoming algorithm. We need more seminars like this in india. So all seo guys can attend and learn search marketing technics.

  • Anton

    Oh,yeah.This is great thinking.

  • ram


    we had our searchcamp in chennai sposnored by sempo and google guys did show up today(sunday for the second day.

  • Bikash

    Amazing session by Lasnik specially interactive session.

  • CAP Digisoft Solutions

    I am one among them to attend this camp. There has been some great sessions, which helped me lot and helps to assess my level SEO and SEM.

    But the disappointing thing is we do have enough time to discuss and share most points.

  • Saptarshi

    If you would need to know about the Search Masters 2009 you can check my notes from Search Masters at Search Masters Conference Updates

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