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Google Improves SOS Alerts in Search Results

Google Improves SOS Alerts in Search Results

Google is improving the SOS alerts shown in Search and Maps with visual information and a new navigation system.

SOS alerts are shown during times of crisis, like when a natural disaster is occurring.

People will now have more reliable information about where a disaster is and where it will be next.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods

Currently, SOS alerts contain the following:

  • A summary of what’s happening
  • Relevant news stories
  • Emergency phone numbers and websites Twitter updates from local authorities
  • Tips to help people find safety
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Soon, people will also be able to see detailed visualizations about hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods.

Days before a hurricane occurs, people near the impacted area will see a crisis notification card on Google Maps along with information about the storm’s trajectory.

After an earthquake strikes, Google will display the earthquake’s shakemap—a visualization of its epicenter, its magnitude, and intensity in surrounding areas.

Crisis navigation warnings on Google Maps

Google Maps users will see a prominent alert if their route may be affected by crisis activity. When possible, Google Maps will direct users away from the disrupted area.

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Crisis navigation is coming to Google Maps later this summer. Hurricane forecasts and earthquake shakemaps will start rolling out in the coming weeks on Android, iOS, desktop, and mobile web.


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