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Google Improves Google Flights Search, Never Miss Another Travel Deal

Thinking about Spring/Summer travel while stuck in one of the coldest winters on record? You’re not the only one, as Google points out there’s always an increase in travel-related searches around this time.

With that being the case, the company has released a series of updates to its Google Flights service designed to make it easier for you to plan your next trip.

If you’re determined to find a good deal there’s no “best day” to travel, says Google. You can find good deal on any day of the week, which is especially true if you’re flexible with your travel dates.

Never Miss Another Travel Deal

To easily compare the costs of traveling from day to day, you can use the calendar in Google Flights, which displays the price for traveling on each day with the best prices highlighted.

If you’re planning a trip further out than what Google has prices listed for, you can use the lowest fares graph to somewhat accurately predict how prices are going to fluctuate from month to month.

In addition, you can set flight preferences, such as direct flights only, to only see prices for flights that meet your needs.

If you make all your selections, but Google determines there’s a cheaper option available, it will tip you off to cheaper dates or cheaper routes just to make sure you’re satisfied with what you have chosen.

Travel Without A Destination In Mind

Have you ever sat down to plan a trip without knowing exactly where you want to go? That’s actually quite common, Google says, as over half of searchers don’t know exactly where they want to go, they just know they need a vacation.

With Google Flights you can type in broad search terms like “Flights to Europe” or “Flights to Mexico” and get prices for traveling to different cities within those regions.

Keep in mind that cheapest isn’t always best when it comes to travel. Sometimes going the cheap route means multiple connections instead of none, which is why Google Flights has long offered the Best Flights feature that helps you find the best combination of price and convenience.

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Google Improves Google Flights Search, Never Miss Another Travel Deal

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