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Google to Improve AMP Ads Through Partnerships with Cloudflare and TripleLift

AdAge reports that Google has partnered with Cloudflare and TripleLift to deliver instant loading ads on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). Cloudflare has developed a tool called Firebolt for delivering ads as fast as AMPs can load, while TripleLift is a native ad network which is now adding AMP support.

New Firebolt technology will be integrated with AMP for Ads, where ads must be verified by an authorized service before being delivered to users. In addition to being able to load ads three times faster, Cloudflare’s Firebolt is also built with security in mind.

According to the CEO at Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, Firebolt can cut ad loading times from 2.2 seconds to 700 milliseconds. This is already being seen in practice though an integration with TripleLift, where Firebolt-based ads are being delivered on properties owned by Time Inc.

The decision to partner with Cloudflare, a company which may be relatively unknown to the average digital advertiser, was based on the growing concern to rid the web of ads which contain malware and spread viruses.

Cloudflare’s CEO tells AdAge:

”We really got pulled into this space because we desperately care about encrypting everything on the web. Ad networks have little control over serving malware and we turned to encryption to help solve that problem.”

The decision to partner with TripleLift could be based on the company’s initial success with delivering AMP ads. Time Inc. properties using TripleLift to deliver AMP ads have seen a 13% increase in impressions, with a similar increase in CTRs and eCPMs.

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Google to Improve AMP Ads Through Partnerships with Cloudflare and TripleLift

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