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Google Ice Cream Sandwich Details

Google Ice Cream Sandwich Details

ICS LogoThe Ice Cream Sandwich Logo (via Google)

For the last few months, we’ve repeatedly mentioned the upcoming Google Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 2.4) operating system, almost always with the tag line “and we’ll find out more about that at Google I/O.” Well, Google I/O has come and gone, and we’ve received news on ICS just as expected. Here’s a basic rundown of what we know.

  • ICS will be “one OS, everywhere.” In other words, it will merge the tablet and smartphone development lines into a single OS. It also implies the possibility of powering laptops, and may lay the groundwork for an eventual merging of OS 2.4 with Chrome OS.
  • ICS will be release in the fourth quarter, not over the summer as was originally expected. No flagship device has yet been announced.
  • ICS will take a lot of the tablet elements from Honeycomb, including “rich widgets,” a “holographic user interface,” and the “action bar.”
  • The ICS API will allow developers to easily conform the OS to the form factor (e.g., tablet, smartphone, laptop) by modifying interface elements.
  • ICS will feature a “voice focus” feature on its camera. When you speak, the camera will focus on you. If someone else enters the frame and speaks, the camera will focus on them.
  • More details will be released as we approach the eventual release of this new platform.

Perhaps most importantly, however, ICS released its logo (pictured above). Which just looks way awesome. What features do you hope will make their way to this upcoming iteration of Android?

[via Read Write Web]


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Google Ice Cream Sandwich Details

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