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Google Homepage Adds Google Reader Module

Google Homepage Adds Google Reader Module

Google Homepage Adds Google Reader Module

Google Homepage is starting to look more and more like My Yahoo, which is probably good news for Google and its registered users as Google now offers a Google Reader option for RSS aggregating on Google Homepage.

Mihai Parparita posts on the Official Google Reader Blog:

We’re therefore very happy to announce that your Reader reading list (or any label of your choosing) can now be added as a module to the homepage. To use it, simply click on the “Add it now” button below (you’ll have to be signed into your Google Account).

And if you’re logged into Google right now, clicking this image right here on SEJ should work for you:

Google Homepage Adds Google Reader Module

The Google Reader module for Google Homepage lets users sort feeds and preview them in a little Google Bubble (which isn’t bursting yet).

Mihai adds these nifty “did you know’s”

* If you add more than one instance of the module, you can tell them to display different labels, use different sorting orders, etc. It’s almost like building your own Reader interface.
* You can use mouse scroll wheel (when hovering over module) to scroll the item list up and down
* You can click the “edit” link and customize many things about the module.

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