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Google Highlights AMP Pages in Google News

google amp

Google News will soon be highlighting the content of the thousands of publishers that have embraced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) since its launch this past February.

In the Google News section of mobile search results will be the familiar AMP carousel with up to 14 pieces of AMP content that people can browse through, or expand the article into a viewer with a simple tap. Within the viewer you can continue reading the “AMPlified” articles by swiping left or right.

AMP articles in the regular news stream will be labeled with the AMP lightning bolt icon just as they are in organic search results.

“Our tests have shown that AMP documents load an average of four times faster and use 10 times less data than the equivalent non-amp’ed result. In many cases these stories will load instantly. That adds up to a win for publishers and users.”

Google will start AMP’ing up its US English edition of Google News first, with more languages and regions to follow soon.

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Google Highlights AMP Pages in Google News

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