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Google Health Next Niche Channel After Finance?

Google Health Next Niche Channel After Finance?

Sure, Google Finance launched today but that’s old news by now. Garett Rogers at ZDNet’s Googling Google asks what is Google Health? It could be another fine use of the world’s content which Google is aiming to host, using the Google Finance example of Google News, Google Groups, and Google Blog Search tools as a centralization point of the Google offerings.

Garett writes :

“It isn’t a big surprise that Google is thinking about healthcare — but now information suggests products or services for that industry are in the master plan.

Adam Bosworth, former VP of Engineering at BEA Systems, is working at Google with the title “Architect, Google Health” according to the attendee list for PC Forum.”

Instead of stepping into the crosshairs of Google speculation, Garett asks readers to comment with their thoughts.

Thomas Lee writes:

It’s likley in the early stages to be something of a vertical related to health wherein pubmed has served the medical community for publications and citations. Google scholar is one form of this and Google Health will likely be a Google version of pubmed. Google Search powers the NIH website and combiming the two would be pretty powerful.

And from G. Housman:

We take your genome and phenome and then make it available as a part of a global search solution to find people based on any information necessary. Generally used for curing diseases and clinical trials.

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Google Health Next Niche Channel After Finance?

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