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Google Halloween Costume Quiz Easter Egg Found in Google Home

Google Halloween Costume Quiz Easter Egg Found in Google Home

A new Easter egg found in Google Home can help you figure out what your Halloween costume should be this year.

Need some last minute ideas? Then ask Google Home. SEJ reader Fred Pfaff, of Phelps Agency, tipped us off to Google’s Halloween costume quiz with a detailed explanation of how it works.

After asking Google Home “what should I be for Halloween?” the device touts itself as an expert and launches into a series of questions.

Questions include (paraphrased):

  • Do you avoid eating with your hands?
  • Do you change your toothbrush every few months?
  • Do you wipe your nose with your sleeve or a tissue?
  • If you could have the best donut in the world for $50 or a regular donut for $1, which would you pick?
  • You’re climbing up a plant that grew in your backyard. It’s windy and you can hear an angry guy yelling at the top, but you can see a bag of gold. Do you go home or keep climbing?
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After answering the above questions, Google Home returned the following costume suggestion:

”You seem like you’re up for a challenge, so you should be a complete ecosystem for Halloween. I think the hat is key. It could be a tree canopy or a cloud layer that mists water. Then attach creatures or rocks or vegetation to your body.”

Of course, the questions and subsequent costume suggestions are likely to change based on your responses. This is just one of the many possible examples that could be out there.

Apparently this costume quiz was found by complete accident while Phelps Agency was hosting an in-house Google Home demonstration session.

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In further experiments, other costume suggestions reportedly included a freaky clown, a robot, and Abe Lincoln.


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