Google Goes Black in Israel for the Day

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Google in Israel has issued a black out for the day; not shutting down but serving a black screen with white letters instead of an all white screen with black letters. The results pages however, are still in classic Google white.

Google Black

The Google Israel blackout is in honor of Earth Hour, a global movement to turn off the lights for one hour across the world at a specific date and time.

In the US, Earth Hour will take place on March 29th at 8 pm, so look forward to perhaps being back in black on Satruday.

Last October Google went black in San Francisco to raise awareness for the Lights Out San Francisco campaign.

Funny that although Google has come out saying that blackening the Google screen does not save power, they have done so to boost awareness of energy conservation. Google cited a study and their positioning on blackening Google last year :

One idea, suggested by the site called “Blackle” (which is not related to Google, by the way, though the site does use our custom search engine), is to reduce energy used by monitors by providing search with a black background. We applaud the spirit of the idea, but our own analysis as well as that of others shows that making the Google homepage black will not reduce energy consumption. To the contrary, on flat-panel monitors (already estimated to be 75% of the market), displaying black may actually increase energy usage. Detailed results from a new study confirm this.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Pocket SEO

    I’m not sure how Google’s stunt of getting people to turn on their computers to see the “black Google homepage” is going the help the “turn off your electricity” movement.

  • Dan

    Yeah…Maybe some sort of text on the page indication energy conservation stats.

  • Glenn already exists, saving my school $$$’s as it’s main eco message and default search engine. Try it!

  • WebSite Design Orange County

    Maybe we should attach hand cranks to our computers for optimum electrical conservation!

  • Treehugger

    Ha ha! hand cranks! Would pedals be better? Maybe a dynamo in the mouse?

  • Malte Landwehr

    Glenn who exactly is using a search engine saving your school money?

  • Glenn

    Hi Malte,
    We have approximately 1700 students at our school and about 400 macs, pcs and laptops. If they all use as a default search engine the kids know why they are doing it and do so at home. The response from them is that it looks better and reads easier.
    As a result we have managed to use this as a tool to snowball the owners into an eco train of thought – i.e. buying in Solar panels for the roofs as we have near equator sunlight and heat. (Vietnam).
    The black background Vs the white saves monitor Voltage (400+admin pcs x voltage = good message of environmental consciousness)