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Google GMail Now Offers Rich Text

Google GMail Now Offers Rich Text

Google GMail Now Offers Rich Text

Google GMail now supports fonts, bullets, highlighting, indenting and much more. Colors and few fonts are also available to be implemented on the text content. Impressively, forwarding HTML mails work fine as well. This was one area where Yahoo! had an advantage over Google GMail as forwarding messed up complicated HTML mails by converting it to text.

The facility is limited to the normal version of the GMail thus users stuck with older browsers (and frustratingly Opera) would not be able to use this extended functionality. However, you might not be able to see this new option in your GMail right now as the company is beta testing the service and introducing it slowly over all its accounts.

Google expects that in the coming weeks all the users of Google GMail would be upgraded with this service. To check if your GMail is updated, look for a ‘Rich formatting >>’ link in your compose window or the now very familiar ‘New Features!’ link on the top of your GMail window!

Sushubh Mittal is the Technical Columnist at Search Engine Journal, Editor of Techwhack, WordPress Blogger, and Opera Browser Fanboy.

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