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Google GMail Adds RSS Web Clips

Google GMail Adds RSS Web Clips

Google GMail Adds RSS Web Clips

Google has definately been behind Yahoo when it comes to RSS integration and RSS feed reading with Yahoo adding an RSS feed aggregator to MyYahoo and implementing feeds into custom versions of the new Yahoo News layout. However, Google has taken a step into RSS feed reading with implementation of Google Web Clips into the GMail interface.

Blogger co-founder Evan Williams picked up on Web Clips this morning :

I’m guessing not many people have it yet, but there’s a new feature in Gmail called Web Clips, which displays little headlines above your inbox or message and is fed via, um, feeds.

You can add your own feeds and/or choose from their selection. It also swaps between feed headlines and ads, which is pretty clever, cuz it gets you looking at the ads a lot more (I’ve found). Each is labeled, of course.

Inside Google adds : Google has smartly monetized it, alternating evenly between headlines and text ads, giving you the best reason ever to actually look at an ad. Of course, its no substitute for a feed reader, but its still very helpful (kind of like the MyYahoo Deskbar). If Google is planning on adding a full feed reader to Gmail (and it should, since everyone else has one), it now already has a cool feature for it.

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Google GMail Adds RSS Web Clips

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