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Google Glass Gets Improved Search Capabilities With New Software Update

Google has released the latest software update for Google Glass, which offers a drastic improvement on the device's search capabilities.


Google has released the latest software update for Google Glass. Notable new features include drastic improvements made to the device’s search capabilities.

Those fortunate enough to own a Google Glass device receive software updates each month. This month’s software update is reportedly a step toward bringing universal search results to Google’s wearable tech.

When users perform a search on Glass, results now show news, videos, and even audio. The software update also brings Google Now predictive search cards to Glass and saves Glass-generated searches to Google Search History.

Here’s a further look at the new search features included in the software update:

News Search:
When a search query involves newsworthy topics, Google Glass will adjust how it displays results. It will first show recently published news articles, followed by information from Knowledge Graph, then it will prioritize articles from reputable sources.

Video Search:
Glass now lets users specify in the search query if they are looking for videos, which filters the search results to show only pages containing video. Also worth mentioning is that Glass will display videos from a variety of sources, not just YouTube.

Sound Search:
Now built in to Google Glass is the general functionality of the Shazam app. If a song is playing, users can ask Google Glass what song it is which will prompt Glass to identify the same of the song and artist.

Search History:
With this software update, all Glass-based searches will now be stored in the user’s Google Search History. Similarly, deleting a search card on Glass will delete it from the entire search history.

Which of these new features are you most thankful for? What would you like to see in future Glass updates? Let us know in the comments section!

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Google Glass Gets Improved Search Capabilities With New Software Update

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