Google Gives Business Owners More Control Over Photos Displayed In Search Results

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Google Gives Business Owners More Control Over Photos Displayed In Search Results

Google recently announced some improvements to its Google My Business service that are designed to give business owners more control over how their business is presented across various Google properties.

With these changes you can now specify which image you’d like to be displayed in Google’s search result. Previously, whatever was set as your business’s profile photo on Google+ would carry over into Google search. Now if you want one photo displayed in search, and a different one displayed on Google+, you have the option to do that.

You will also have options to add six new categories of photos, to be displayed in Search and Google+. These categories include identity photos, interior photos, exterior photos, photos at work, team photos and additional photos.

To take advantage of this new functionality, log in to your business’s profile and go to the Photos section. From there you can choose how you want your business to appear across the web.

In addition, Google has added an intuitive new feature that recommends types of photos to add based on your type of business. Abhishek Poddar, Google My Business Product Manager, explains:

We’ll also guide you through adding the best photos to show off what makes your business unique. For example, hotels will receive guidance for adding exterior, room and common space photos that show guests what to expect inside and out. Cafes and restaurants can get customers drooling over their latest food and drink and provide more details with a menu photo.

These new features are available starting today on the web, Android, and iOS versions of Google My Business.

Matt Southern
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  • Matt LaClear

    Hi Matt…Google My Business has been a great addition to Google offerings allowing businesses to manage their presentation to prospective customers searching via the Google network. This free tool is now even more enhanced by this new option to feature unique photos in specific sections of search results. You mention that there are six new categories of photos for display in Search and Google+. How many photos should business owners ideally upload for each category? For the purpose of page rank, how often do you recommend businesses update their Google display photos?

  • Ganesh Paul

    Just Awesome ! This is really a great news for every business owner. Now G+ becomes more flexible through this changing. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Happy blogging.

  • BarneyG

    More Control? How’s that work?

    I have LOST CONTROL of what photos are displayed in search from my G+ business pages (I manage nearly 200 branch office G+ local pages) by adding more business photos.

    Despite choosing “Logo” in G+ for “Select the photo you recommend to show first on Google Maps and Search,” G+ shows other photos….
    I have experimented with image sizes, etc., and follow guidelines, but Google overrides my “Logo” and displays either the “Cover” image or one of my “Product images.” Strangely, Google always displays the same product image (out of 7 images I uploaded) across several of my local G+ pages. Oddly it is the one image that does not have any faces in it.

    In a nutshell, if I want my logo to display as my 1st photo….I cannot add ANY OTHER photos to my G+ page, inclusing a “Cover” photo.

    How is that “more control?”

    Anybody have similar experiences?