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Google to Give Advertisers More Control Over Where Their Ads Appear

Google is following through on the pledge it made to advertisers last week when the internet giant said it would do a better job of ensuring ads will not appear alongside controversial content.

Google’s quick follow-up could perhaps be attributed to the fact that several major US brands have started pulling their ads from Google’s advertising network.

Whatever the case may be, Google has already started implementing improvements to its ad policies, ramping up its enforcement of those policies, and providing new controls for advertisers.

Improving Ad Policies

Effective immediately, Google will start cracking down on hateful, offensive, and derogatory content.

”This includes removing ads more effectively from content that is attacking or harassing people based on their race, religion, gender or similar categories. This change will enable us to take action, where appropriate, on a larger set of ads and sites.”

In addition, Google’s stricter ad policies will ensure ads only show up against content from publishers in the YouTube Partner Program. The company will also review its community guidelines and perhaps reconsider which types of content are allowed on the YouTube platform, not just which type of content are allowed to display ads.

Google assures that it will still be adamantly removing ads which manage to show up against controversial content.

Increased Control for Advertisers

In the coming days and months, Google will be introducing the following new tools for advertisers to help them gain better control over where their ads appear:

  • Safer default for brands: Google will change its default settings so ads do not show on content which advertisers may find potentially objectionable.
  • Simplified management of exclusions: Google will make it easier for advertisers to exclude specific sites and channels from all of their AdWords for Video and Google Display Network campaigns.
  • Fine-tuned controls: Google will introduce new controls which make it easier for advertisers to exclude higher risk content.

Improving Transparency

With the expansion of video-level reporting to all advertisers, Google will be effectively offering more transparency to advertisers with respect to where their ads are running.

Increasing Resources

Google will be improving its ability to review questionable content by hiring “significant numbers” of people, as well as developing new tools built on AI and machine learning. With these increased resources, should brands find their ads appearing against controversial content, Google says the issue will be resolved in less than a few hours.

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Google to Give Advertisers More Control Over Where Their Ads Appear

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