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Google Search to Display Gas Prices in Local Pack

Google Search to Display Gas Prices in Local Pack

Want to know what the current gas prices are near you? Just turn to Google search. According to Mike Blumenthal, and reported on my numerous others, gas prices are starting to show up in the local three pack as well as in the local finder and the knowledge panel which shows up for local searches

At this time it’s not unknown word Google is getting its data with respect to gas prices. Third-party aggregators like gas buddy have been ruled out

Apparently, if this test is available in your area, you will only see it on Safari and Chrome for iPhone and strangely enough not on the Google search app. On desktop it is available for both Safari and Chrome.

This is yet another example of Google trying to provide local searchers with exactly what they’re looking for without having to scroll much further down the page.

Since this is just a test, and remember that your mileage may vary when it comes to receiving the curate gas prices. In other words, don’t drive up to the pump and throw yourself into a rage when the price doesn’t match what you first saw on Google


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