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Google Foundation Working with TechnoServe in Ghana

Google Foundation Working with TechnoServe in Ghana

Google has announced on the Google Blog that the Google Foundation is now working with Technoserve, an organization who’s mission is to help entrepreneurs organically grow businesses which boost fair wage employment in impoverished countries.

Google and Technoserve are launching a national business plan competition this week in Ghana, called “Believe Begin Become.” It’s designed to help Ghanaian entrepreneurs develop skills, obtain seed or expansion capital and establish the networks that help transform their business ideas into successful enterprises.”

Sounds like a legit plan, but does helping entrepreneurs build their businesses have a long term effect on helping the impoverished, or are such missions simply helping the company owners?

One harsh reality with International charity is that only a small percent actually goes to the needy and in third world countries there are a lot of greedy hands funds have to pass through. If Google and Technoserve successfully audit the businesses under their initiative, entrepreneurship can be a state & thought changing direction. Look what Deng Xiao Peng did for China in the 1970’s, his embracement of entreprenuership and the Social Capitalist market over Maoist or Soviet communism built the country into the world power that it is today.

In my opinion if a fair wage plan is implemented by such businesses and on the job training is a part of their employment plan, the long term effect can be much greater than handing out food or free supplies to the needy – which solves the poverty and hunger problem for about a day or two.

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Google Foundation Working with TechnoServe in Ghana

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