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Google For Creators Is Here To Help Publishers Get Found & Make Money

Google for Creators offers marketers and publishers resources to develop content strategy, monetize content, and build their web presence.

Google For Creators Is Here To Help Publishers Get Found & Make Money

Google announced the launch of ‘Google for Creators’ today in a post on The Keyword blog and on Twitter.

Creator Advocate Paul Bakaus said, “Creators deserve a program that is all about *their* success, and focuses on control, ownership, growth and community. Today we’re one step closer with the launch of Creators.Google!”

The launch represents a brand update and strategic shift from ‘Google Web Creators’ to ‘Google for Creators,’ he said.

So why the change? It’s just three letters.

Google first introduced Web Creators as a collection of channels for online publishers in 2020.

At the time, Google Web Creators lead Matt Ludwig wrote, “A web creator could be a blogger, a photographer with a website, or a journalist—anyone who places their content on the open web.”

Today, Bakaus explained, “…[the rebrand] signals that we’ll now help all creators on their journeys, not just bloggers.”

He added, “Because we are convinced that the web as an additional channel or home base is critically important for many creators. It gives creators ways to earn more passive income, ways to own the relationship to their audience, and paths to flexible monetization.”

Julia Lee, Engineering Director, Search Ecosystem at Google, said that the rebranded Google for Creators is “a new home base for creators to learn, grow and get inspired.”

She promises that the new educational resource “​​shows how the web can become part of your content mix.”

Google for Creators resources help marketers and content creators achieve four main objectives:

  • Learn the essentials.
  • Build your content strategy.
  • Engage and find fans.
  • Grow and make money.

The experience starts with a quiz on the homepage to help assess the visitor’s goals and surface the most relevant content.

Google for Creators quiz

Guides are authored by a variety of expert content creators, social media influencers, successful digital marketers, and bestselling authors.

Of course, lessons lean heavily on using Google products and tools for content creation, promotion, and measurement.

Visitors can dig into how to make better use of Web Stories, for example. There have been over 200 million Web Stories published to date, Lee says, and Google aims to help creators use them to reach a broader audience with its insider tips.

Visitors can also access a Search Console Insights guide developed specifically for content creators.

This resource isn’t likely to reveal any search ranking secrets. But it’s a good tool for content creators and professionals, especially those newer to the industry.

When Google puts out a guide called “How to Create Good Content,” we’d be wise to at least give it a read.

In addition to the guides on the website, you can find Google for Creators on Instagram and Twitter. There’s an email newsletter for those who want to hear from the program more often.

You’ll find upcoming events like Creator Conf, billed as the world’s largest event for creators, listed in the Creator Community section of the site, as well.

Featured image: Creators.Google

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Google For Creators Is Here To Help Publishers Get Found & Make Money

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