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Google Finance, Now in a More Mobile-Friendly Form

As of Monday, Google launched their new mobile-friendly version of Google Finance for iPhone and Android. While it’s original form wasn’t terrible, this new compact and sleeker layout will make it easier for users to access their financial information on the go. They are “catching up to Yahoo Finance, which has been mobile browser friendly for a while”, asserts TechCrunch)

In the new design, all pertinent information is in one column – allowing users to simply scroll from top to bottom to check out the most recent financial news headlines, quotes, and market charts. They have also added a visual summary feature and a list of losses and gains.

Google takes it one step further by adding Finance as a tab on the top of the Google Mobile page among other features such as Web. When you conduct a search for stock results in the mobile web field you are automatically taken to the new Google Finance section.

While Google has yet to put out a finance app dedicated to the iPhone, the mobile version is your best bet. Android users, on the otherhand, do have one available for download.

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Google Finance, Now in a More Mobile-Friendly Form

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