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Google Finance Now Joins Yahoo Finance with Real Time Stock Quotes

Google Finance has updated its stock quote information with real time stock quotes from NASDAQ and some other global stock exchanges (stock quote disclaimer from Google), giving it the jump onjoining Yahoo Finance, which does not offer any free launched real time stock quotes the other week.

Free Real Time Stock Quotes from Google

  • Dow Jones Indices
  • NASDAQ Indices
  • NASDAQ Stock Exchange
  • New York Stock Exchange Indices
  • S&P Indices
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange

More on Yahoo Real Time Quotes :

Many of you will remember this was a very popular feature that Yahoo! Finance provided through August 2006 when due to consolidation in the marketplace and a new pricing structure it was removed. We’ve been listening to your feedback and have been looking at ways to bring back this feature. We have found a way to bringing back real-time ECN quotes by sourcing the data from BATS Trading.

If you are a newer user ECN stands for electronic communication network, and serves as alternative trading place to the various exchanges. BATS Trading is regarded as the third largest share trading market center in the US, and covers equities from NASDAQ, NYSE and Amex.

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Google Finance Now Joins Yahoo Finance with Real Time Stock Quotes

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