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Google Finally Launches the Anticipated Page Speed Report in Search Console

Google is now rolling out the highly anticipated page speed report in Search Console that was shown off earlier this year.

Google officially previewed the new page speed report this past May, but it was first uncovered back in February. That marks roughly 9 months of waiting for this report to launch.

Now that the public rollout has begun, let’s take a look and see what’s in the report and how site owners can benefit from in.

Google Search Console Page Speed Report

Google’s new page speed report pulls data from the Chrome User Experience Report and automatically groups URLs into the categories of “Fast,” Moderate,” and “Slow.” It looks just like other Search Console reports that group URLs together based on how well they meet certain criteria (such as having valid structured data markup).

The report also identifies the issues causing slowdowns and further categorizes pages by grouping URLs with similar issues together.

Clicking on one of the identified issues to learn more information will bring users to Google’s Page Speed Insights tool. From there, site owners can learn more about how to optimize their pages to solve the specific issue.

In addition to checking on the slow and moderate pages, you can drill deeper into the fast pages to learn more about their performance:

Google recommends using this report both for monitoring performance over time and for tracking website fixes. When an issue is fixed, site owners can return to the report to track whether users actually experienced a performance improvements.

Google says this report, is currently “experimental” in the sense that it will be revised and improved upon over time. However, unlike typical Google experiments, this report will be rolling out to everyone.

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Google Finally Launches the Anticipated Page Speed Report in Search Console

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