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Google Explores Video Blogging

Google Explores Video Blogging

Google made an announcement yesterday which has turned some heads in the world of both search and blogging as Larry Page laid out some clues that Google may begin video blogging. “In the next few days, we’re actually going to start taking video submissions from people, and we’re not quite sure what we’re going to get, but we decided we’d try this experiment,” Google cofounder Larry Page announced. describes video blogging as a new form of expression centering around posting videos to a website and encouraging an audience response.

If Google were to enter video blogging, it would be the perfect connector of the otherwise decentralized worlds of Picasa (Google’s photo sharing technology), GMail Storage (video memory needs to be stored somewhere), Google Video, and Blogger. Google Video currently only indexes the transcripts of certain Google partners broadcasts (and then links to those videos) but should be offering true video search soon once broadcasting rights are ironed out. Google rivals Yahoo and AOL (SingingFish) both offer cutting edge video search indexes, but due to the efforts of some video search spammers, results leave great room for improvement.

Adding video blogging to Google’s Blogger will not be a new thing on the web, but would more than likely do for video blogging what Google’s acquisition of Blogger did for blogs. There are currently multiple video blogging (or vlog) networks available including SwishVideo, which lets blog owners add flash powered videos to their blog posts, SeriousMagic, which helps bloggers produce almost professional looking video feeds, and – a community of video bloggers. While some video blog storage centers and software developers require fees for their service, Google is bound to devise a way to host video blogging while being reimbursed with Google AdWords revenue.

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Google Explores Video Blogging

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