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Google Expands Rich Results for Q&A Pages in Search

Google’s rich result type for question and answer pages is now available to all websites.

Previously, Q&A rich results were only available on a limited basis to a select number of sites.

Now all sites can be eligible to display these rich results by marking up their Q&A content with the appropriate structured data.

Remember, being eligible to display a certain result type does not mean it will always be displayed that way.

On the other hand, not using the structured data will guarantee that your content is never displayed as a rich result.

So is it worth implementing the structured data? Certainly – especially if driving more traffic to your Q&A pages will be beneficial to your business.

Just don’t get discouraged if you use the markup and rich results are not always shown.

You can check to see if the structured data is implemented correctly by using Google’s structured data testing tool.

The tool can also be used to preview how the pages will appear in search.

Google Search Console’s ‘performance’ report will track how often your rich results appear in search, and which queries were used to trigger them.

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Google Expands Rich Results for Q&A Pages in Search

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