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Google Enhances Search Results For “Deals” Queries

Google is enhancing search results for deals and adding a dedicated feed for discounted products in the Shopping tab.

google shopping deals

Google is now showing a new set of search results when people look for deals.

Searches with words like “deals” and “Black Friday” will trigger a dedicated feed of discounted products in Google Shopping.

In addition, the new feed can be accessed any time from the Shopping tab without a specific query.

All products in Google Shopping with a “deals” badge are eligible to appear in the feed.

With this update Google is rolling out new ways for merchants to measure the performance of deals, along with new integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Here’s more about the changes to Google Search & Shopping that are available now.

Google Shopping Deals in Search Results

google shopping dealsScreenshot from, November 2021.

Merchants can target deal-seeking shoppers by adding a deals badge to qualifying products.

You can find out which of your products qualify for a deals badge in the product tab within Google Merchant Center.

Promotions, sales, and price drops all eligible to be showcased in the new feed.

Google says it will choose which product to highlight based on “the attractiveness of the offer and the discount.”

It doesn’t sound like you can discount a high priced item by five dollars, slap a deals badge on it, and expect to get much visibility.

Google wants to highlight substantial deals and competitive price drops that offer real value to customers.

Measure The Performance of Deals

Merchants can track the performance of products with a deals badge in an updated dashboard in Google Merchant Center.

Performance is broken down by impressions, clicks, and click-through rate.

google shopping dealsScreenshot from, November 2021.

Data can be segmented by promotion-type, product, brand, and category.

With this information merchants can easily identify their top performing promotions, which types of deals are driving the most conversions, and the categories that are performing the best when on-sale.

Integration With Shopify & WooCommerce

Retailers utilizing Shopify or WooCommerce can now showcase their existing deals across Google surfaces.

The update rolling out next month lets businesses using Shopify’s Google channel and WooCommerce’s Google Listings and Ads display deals within Google Search and the Shopping tab.

New and existing promotions can be synced with products listed on Google directly from their store dashboard.

Source: Google Ads Help

Featured Image: HB Photo/Shutterstock

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Google Enhances Search Results For “Deals” Queries

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