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Google Earth & Maps Update Major U.S. Locations

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Google Earth & Maps Update Major U.S. Locations

The last time we updated you on the goings-on at Google Earth and Google Maps, it was because Osama Bin Laden was dead. Google took that opportunity to give us some new imagery of the Obottabad region where the U.S. operating took place. Well, there isn’t a special occasion for this new release of high-resolution images, but that doesn’t mean they’re unimportant. The June update includes high-quality images of many prominent U.S. locales.

Some of the more prominent sites that have had their imagery updated include:

  • The Notre Dame campus in Indiana. Users can now view major landmarks such as the Sacred Heart church in high detail.
  • The Salem, Oregon region, including the botanical Oregon Garden in Silverton and the Frank Loyd Wright building.
  • The Fresno, California region.
  • The Los Angeles, California region.
  • The Southbend, Indiana region.
  • The Victoria, Texas region.

Additionally, images for over 100 other countries have seen updates. The new images for all included regions can be seen in both Google Maps and Google Earth.

Along with the June imagery update comes the release of new versions of various applications and in-program services. Google has given specific attention to the Follow Your World application, which lets you get updates whenever Google adds new imagery for regions you choose to “follow.”

[via the Google LatLong Blog]



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