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Google Earth Adds Mac Version, Leaves Beta

Google Earth Adds Mac Version, Leaves Beta

Google has finally decided to release a Macintosh version of their popular application Google Earth. In addition, they also made the release final. So, Google Earth is now officially out of beta testing phase. The latest versions are available on Google Earth website and can also be upgraded using the Google Pack if you have it downloaded on your machine.

Google said on their Blog on this final release of Google Earth: “We feel like proud parents around here. Our eldest, Google Earth for the PC, is officially leaving beta status today, and we couldn’t be more pleased. For those of you who downloaded early, upgrade to the latest and discover Google Earth all over again.”

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a free virtual globe formerly known as Keyhole. It was developed by Keyhole, Inc., which was bought by Google in 2004. Keyhole was renamed Google Earth in 2005 and is currently available for use on personal computers running Mac OS X Tiger and Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP.

The service has found many critics with many government agencies like our own in India complaining about the lack of precautions taken by the company in hiding sensitive military locations. However, the company has worked hard and are continuously catering to demands from governments around the world to prevent issues related to security.

Minimum System Requirement for Google Earth:
OS: Windows 2000, XP, or Mac OS X (10.4)
CPU: 600MHz
Free Hard Disk Space: 400 MB
System RAM: 128 MB
Video RAM: 16 MB
Screen Resolution: 1024×768, 32-bit color
Internet: 128 Kbps (“broadband”)

Recommended Minimum Requirement for Google Earth:
Operating system: Windows XP; Mac OS X (10.4)
CPU: 1.2 GHz
Free Hard Disk Space: 2GB
System memory (RAM): 512MB
Video RAM: 32MB
Screen Resolutions: 1280×1024, 32-bit color
Internet: 768 kbps

Download: Google Earth

Sushubh Mittal, Tech Columnist and Resident Opera User – Sushubh Mittal, the Editor of TechWhack is a self described tech freak who loves to test out software and criticize the flaws in them.

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Google Earth Adds Mac Version, Leaves Beta

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