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Google Drops Price on Google Mini Search Appliance

Google Drops Price on Google Mini Search Appliance

Google’s Mini, which is an integrated hardware/software search appliance that indexes all content within a company’s intranet or public website, now has twice the search capacity at an even more affordable price. The Google Mini can now search up to 100,000 documents for a lower price of $2,995.

The Google Mini was announced in January and is currently used by hundreds of law firms, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, consulting firms, government agencies and other small-to-medium sized businesses to access and manage their information.

“Our attorneys are continually searching for information. The Google Mini helps them find exactly what they need, when they need it, using an interface they’re already familiar with,” said John Neubauer, Legal Administrator for Blitman & King LLP. “With the increased capacity of the Google Mini, we will now be able to include even more legal research in our index. This will help us leverage more of our firm’s valuable intellectual property, making our attorneys more efficient and more responsive to our clients.”

The Google Mini comes with one year of support, software updates, and hardware replacement coverage. For more information, see

Nacho Hernandez wrote me with a comment (since my comment field is shot):

Hello Loren,

So Google sells the BIG search appliance for $30,000 and it can index up to 500,000 documents

And the mini 100,000 for $3K. Hmmmm…. Doing the math, I rather spend $15K on 5 Minis.

What’s up Google? Marketing 101: look at all your products when making price changes.



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Google Drops Price on Google Mini Search Appliance

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