Update: Google Drive to Launch with 5 GB of Free Storage

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As Search Engine Journal recently reported, the long-awaited Google Drive is expected to finally launch in the next several weeks. While our recent article suggested that the free storage was going to be limited to a measly 1 GB of free storage, the latest rumor and supporting screenshot (see above) suggest that every user will be provided with 5 GB of free storage. In addition, GDrive users are expected to have the option to purchase additional space at a rate of $5 per year per 20 GB.

Even though navigating to drive.google.com generates a 404 error at this time, a Talk Android source recently captured the following information related to the new Google service:

All your files – everywhere
Put files in Google Drive and you can access them on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet, and drive.google.com

Always up to date
Make changes to a file in one place and it automatically updates everywhere

 5GB of free space
You get 5GB from the start, and you can upgrade to get more space at any time

In addition to the above information, the large “Download Google Drive” button in the top-right corner suggests that the previous reports of a complementary desktop app are accurate. While there are many cloud-based storage solutions, the native syncing functionality combined with the ability to share a large file by simply providing a link are innovative features that have potential GDrive users excited. Since the new GDrive service will be forced to compete directly with Dropbox and other popular services, the pricing and features will be key to the long-term viability of the service.

Since GDrive rumors date back to early 2006, many technology junkies are suspicious of the new launch rumors. However, with reputable sources indicating that Google Drive will launch during the week of April 16th, the long wait may finally be over.

[Sources Include: Talk Android]

David Angotti

David Angotti

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  • Mahesh Mohan

    I am using the 20 GB storage plan for Gmail…. so I can use that space for GDrive right?

    • David Angotti

      It is difficult to say if they will apply the Gmail/other services’ storage to the GDrive, but the general consensus right now is probably not.

  • Bibiano Wenceslao

    Let’s hope they’d also consider referral goodies like what Dropbox does.

    • David Angotti

      That would definitely help the growth of the new service and simultaneously foster customer loyalty! Hopefully they will do something like that.

  • Jeff Downer

    Any word about Android integration?

  • Henry Sim

    That is certainly a welcome change and Cloud computing will get more competitive. But that is good for end consumers like us as we will see better offering – both free and paid plan :). Cloud computer is gaining popularity but that will be popular with hackers as well . Security suite will have more demand and become more sophisticated. So I’ve identify a few niche..