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Google Documentary on GUBA

Google Documentary on GUBA

Google Documentary on GUBA

Peter Da Vanzo points to a documentary on Google, Google : Behind The Screen, which is available for downloading or viewing from GUBA (WB and Sony partner GUBA).

The first minute or so of the documentary is a nice high paced collage of Mountain View and Silicon Valley clips, which is excellent preparation on what kind of vibe to expect when visiting San Jose for Search Engine Strategies in August (which will be my first time in the area).

I’m preparing to watch the whole video after some morning chores and with a nice cup of coffee, but V7N’s Da Vanzo notes:

There are interviews with Melissa Mayer and other Google people – there’s plenty of shots inside the candy-colored Googleplex. The origins of “Don’t be evil” are discussed – it was apparently a directive for a meeting.

Then the documentary starts to ask some hard questions – about the Holocaust. The documentary looks at the subjective bias of the algorithms, and the nature of truth.

Best of all being that the video is on GUBA, it’s available for download onto Video iPod or Sony PSP.


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