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Google: Do Not Put ‘Organization’ Schema Markup on Every Page

Google: Do Not Put ‘Organization’ Schema Markup on Every Page

Google’s John Mueller recently addressed a question regarding the use of ‘organization’ schema markup.

The question came up during the Google Webmaster Central hangout on January 22.

A site owner was wondering where exactly the markup should be used.

Is it best to add organization markup to the home page? The contact page? Or all pages?

In response, Mueller explained that it doesn’t matter so much where the markup is used as long as it’s not on every page.

Depending on the type of website, sometimes organization markup fits best on the home page.

Other times it may fit in on the contact page.

However, if it’s used elsewhere, it doesn’t change anything as far as Google search is concerned.

Mueller stresses that organization markup should not appear on every page, which is something people like to do with review markup.

Some companies may put review markup on every page in hopes that a star rating is shown for all pages in search results.

That’s not a good practice, Mueller says.

Mueller conferred with other SEOs in the room, who all agreed that it’s best to put organization markup on one page only.

So, for some of you reading this, how to use organization markup might be common knowledge.

But it’s clear that others are still wondering whether or not to put it on every page.

Hear the full question and answer in the video below (starting at 51:36):

“As far as I know it’s just the home page… it doesn’t matter for us as much because we need to be able to find it on somewhere like the home page or the contact page. But if we have it elsewhere then it doesn’t change anything for us.

So the big thing to not compare it to is the review markup, where we sometimes see people put company review on all pages of the website with the hope of getting stars on the search results of every page on their site and that would be bad.

But the contact information, if you have that marked up, then it’s fine. I don’t see a problem with that.”

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