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Google Displaying Vacation Prices on Front Page of Search Results

Google Displaying Vacation Prices on Front Page of Search Results

Google is clearly putting more support behind Google Trips as of late, with the latest example being vacation prices displayed on the front page of search results.

Searching for phrases like “Bahamas vacations” or “California vacations” will return set of search results as shown below:


Tapping on the option to display more destinations will return a screen like the one below, with the option to filter results using various parameters:


Finally, tapping on a single destination will return a screen like the one below. One tab displays more details about the destination, while the ‘Plan a Trip’ tab allows you to make that plan into a reality


After doing a bit of testing with this search command I learned a few intricacies of how it works. It will only work if major states, provinces, or countries are searched for. For example, “London vacations” returns a regular set of search results, while “England vacations” returns the vacation prices carousel.

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While the examples provided in this post are from a mobile device, the search command is confirmed to work on desktop as well.

H/T: Pete Myers


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