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Google Directory Shows True PageRank of Penalized Pages

Google Directory Shows True PageRank of Penalized Pages

Recently there has been some talk about the Google Directory, which is powered by Netscape’s Open Directory Project (DMOZ), updated on January 8th and is listing the ‘original’ Google PageRank of sites before Google slapped a paid links penalty to the ‘Toolbar’ PageRank of those sites (thanks to Andy Beard).

As an example, Search Engine Roundtable’s visible Google toolbar PageRank dropped from a PageRank 7 to a PageRank 4. However, if you visit the Google Directory listing for :

Computers > Internet > Web Design and Development > Promotion > Weblogs

You’ll see that Search Engine Roundtable’s PageRank listing in the directory is still at a PageRank 7. The news this week of ‘true’ Google PageRank listings have led to the onslaught of webmasters and search marketers checking their PageRank in the Google Directory.

One such search marketer alerted me that Search Engine Journal is ranked #1 in this category when Viewing in Google PageRank order. Sweet!

Google Directory Shows True PageRank of Penalized Pages

[Note : Not to say we’re better than anyone else ’cause we’re on top, it’s just nice to see that link listed first. I do not find this a good measure of quality however as Search Engine Lowdown (Andy Beal’s old blog which is owned by Think Partnership) is listed as #6 and has not been updated since September 7th of last year – what a waste of a good blog & sponsorship!]

Notice any difference in your toolbar PageRank and your PageRank in the Google Directory?

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