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Google Dice “Queryless Search” Answer to StumbleUpon Popularity

Google Dice “Queryless Search” Answer to StumbleUpon Popularity

Google has taken the popular StumbleUpon model and adapted it to the Google Toolbar with its “Google Dice” offering, which is part of a Google Queryless Search initiative. By using Google user search history, Google is making an attempt to suggest sites which its users will like, with the roll of the dice.

Google Dice

Now Google Toolbar users can click on the new Google Dice button which can be added to the Google Toolbar.

Google can now serve users up to 50 sites per day which should be of interest since those sites are suggested by the user profile and search history (more info from the Google Blog).

Here is a video cast I took of Google Dice in action:

If you notice, Google suggests a mix of Search Marketing and Tampa, Florida based local sites. I’ve recently moved into the area and have been doing research and looking for events on Google. I do search for a lot of sports information, and find it interesting that Google is leaving sports sites out of the suggestions.

In order to view a new site the Google user just hits the Stumble Dice button and Google takes them to the next recommended web destination.

Google has also added Recommendations to its Personalized Homepage which recommends web sites to its users (without taking the user to the separate page).

So, given that the rumor was leaked today that Google and eBay were dueling for the acquisition of StumbleUpon and eBay won, agreeing to buy SU for $40-$45 million – is the timing of this GoogleUpon launch suspicious? Sure is.

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Google Dice “Queryless Search” Answer to StumbleUpon Popularity

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