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Google Deploys Largest Corporate Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

It’s already well known that Google is a “green” company, having invested heavily in sustainable power projects such as solar and wind farms, not to mention the fact that their data centers run at 50% the total power consumption of the average data center in the industry. But Google also has some less visible green elements, including its Gfleet initiative. Gfleet is a lineup of earth-friendly vehicles that Googlers can access through a car share program. To support Gfleet, Google has also implemented the largest corporate EV (electric vehicle) infrastructure in history.

Google Fleet started back in 2007, and actually required that the most “green” vehicles of the time (notably the Prius) be retro-fitted with a plugin engine. Since that time electric cars have come along way, with energy efficiency increasing dramatically. The more recent introduction of the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf – both of which are 100% electric vehicles that operate via pluginpower – allow for Google’s infrastructure to see greater use.

The Gfleet has already invested in 30 of these vehicles, and many Googlers have independently purchased electric vehicles of their own. Google campuses currently have more than 150 level one charging stations. However, Google’s 2011 infrastructure expansion for EVs will be adding over 70 level two charging systems and approximately 250 more charging stations (the type of which has yet to be determined). Emissions from Gfleet’s vehicles is 40% to 80% lower than standard emissions.

This effort combines with Google’s on-campus, biodiesel shuttles to reduce total emissions by an estaimted 5,400 Tonnes of CO2 each year – about the equivalent of getting 2,000 vehicles off the road entirely. For Google, the efforts were partially a way to give their employees a perk, but the efforts have become a way that Google and its charitable branch,, can help prove the viability and advance the development of the EV technology.

[via the Official Google Blog]


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Google Deploys Largest Corporate Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

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