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Google Delays New Data Center

Google announced that they will be delaying their new data center that was being built in Oklahoma.

What was the primary reason, according to the administrator of the Industrial Park in Pryor, that they are pushing back the construction timetable is due to the “slowing economy.”

This won’t be a huge hit to Google because of the already existing infrastructure, but it may put a damper on new products becoming available mainstream.

Google Data Center

Google announced the launch of this project back in May 2007, over one year ago. The new projected date for completion of the Oklahoma data center is sometime in 2010, another year away.

Network infrastructure is a critical part of Google’s success; the ability to sustain millions of users on a daily basis. Whether it’s a product like Google Analytics, AdWords, AdSense, or Google Maps, Google must be able to sustain millions of users.

If Google goes down for 10 minutes, 5 minutes, or just a single minute, people go crazy! Which is sad, but true. Google has become a critical part of many lives around the world.

If Gmail ever went down, what would you do? (well, unless you’re a Hotmail or Yahoo! mail user, you wouldn’t care 😉

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Google Delays New Data Center

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