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Google Debuts Upgrades To Its Enterprise 360 Suite Tools

Read about Google's three-tiered plan for enterprise marketers in DV360 and Campaign Manager 360, including new ad formats and privacy-safe signals.

If you’re an enterprise-level marketer, it can be tough to operate and scale ad campaigns.

You’ve also likely heard, and maybe are even using, Google’s enterprise suite of tools like Display & Video 360 (DV360) and Campaign Manager 360.

Google announced during its annual Google Marketing Live Summit that it’s enhancing the platforms to enable you for a privacy-first future, while growing your business through new ad formats.

Eduardo Indacochea, Sr. Director, Product Management of Google, kicked off this session to discuss the importance of these tools for enterprise marketers.

With 39% of advertisers expecting an increase in their programmatic spend in the next 12 months, these solutions provide a better experience for both consumers and advertisers.

Indacochea laid out the plan for the 360 Suite tools:

  • New form of ads for Connected TV (CTV)
  • Machine learning and automation updates
  • New privacy-safe signals

Let’s dig into the details of the three-tiered plan from Google.

New Ad Formats

Chaoyi Chen, Global Product Lead, DV360 Platform Strategy for Google, broke down the three key areas of expansion for DV360. They include:

  • Audio ad updates
  • Connected TV
  • Unified tools

Audio Ads

Podcasting has become all the rage in the past few years. Because of this, Google will soon be launching podcast targeting on YouTube and partner inventory.

Another update coming to audio ads is the expansion of targeting. More podcast genres and inventory will soon be available on Display & Video 360.

Connected TV

Chen reinforced just how many people are turning to YouTube for a connected TV experience. In fact, YouTube reached 135 million users in December of 2021.

More broadcasts and publishers will be joining the DV360 inventory in the future. Peacock is the latest publisher to be added to the inventory.

With DV360 reaching 93% of ad-supported CTV households in the United States, Google is extending its Google audiences to Connected TV devices. Additionally, demographic segments will be available to the platform by end of Q2 2022.

Unified Reporting Tools

Google understands the importance of identifying performance across YouTube versus other linear networks. That’s why Google is launching a new co-viewing planning and measurement tool.

Currently, this tool is in beta for certain customers. The broad rollout to additional advertisers will come this fall of 2022.

You’ll now be able to effectively manage all your publisher deals in one place. You have the ability to create one deal and distribute impressions across different accounts and publishers.

Lastly, you can control and manage your brand safety in Campaign Manager 360.

“Buying TV ads should be as easy as watching TV”, Chen states. These updates will help simplify your planning and management of publisher deals.

Machine Learning Updates

Being able to combine automation with customization is the ultimate key to success with Google.

Google announced its latest custom bidding signals you can choose from, such as player size and audibility. Additional bidding signals help you customize and maximize your ROI based on your business goals.

With the move from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 properties, your GA4 properties can now be activated in Display & Video 360 immediately.

Privacy-Safe Signals

Google has prepared us for the deprecation of third-party cookies. It seems Google has taken advertiser feedback into consideration while making these enhancements.

If you’re currently using interest-based advertising options from Google, these will now incorporate topics from its new API sandbox coming soon.

The biggest update comes in the form of EPIDs: Exchange Provided Identifiers. These IDs are shared by exchanges or publishers with DV360. They are scoped on a domain or app-basis. The EPIDs will then be used to build segments for advertisers to use.

The last update for privacy-safe signals is the ability to match first-party data for marketing use. Google will allow a direct relationship between the advertiser and publisher to share data.

It’s important to note that no personal identifiable information (PII) will ever be shared between the two. All data will be encrypted, making user identity safe and advertisers still have the ability to reach its target audience.


We live in a fast-paced world. That’s not changing.

Now is the time to explore more advertising environments, especially if you’re in the enterprise space.

By utilizing DV360 and Campaign Manager 360, you can streamline your planning, process, and management of campaigns. This saves you time, efficiency, and money.

New ad formats will make it easier than ever to test out reaching your target audience in places you haven’t before. More importantly, DV360 will make it easier to scale and monetize your performance.

Source: Google Marketing Live

Featured Image: BestForBest/Shutterstock

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Google Debuts Upgrades To Its Enterprise 360 Suite Tools

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