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Google Debuts Chris Rock’s Show and Flash Video

Google Debuts Chris Rock’s Show and Flash Video

Google Video showcased its changes to the service this week while using Chris Rock’s stardom and launch of a new sitcom to declare, like Yahoo, Google is serious about airing content on Google Video. Recently Yahoo has fortified itself as a web based media channel with its announcement to produce its own specialized war coverage, a reality show with MTV, and video content distribution partnerships with CBS and Entertainment Tonight.

Google Video, however, with the launch of its new in-browser video viewer and no-commercial airing of a new hot television pilot, has instantly proven that it is also a force to be reckoned with in the Internet video field. Google’s biggest announcement of the week was the replacement of their much loathed downloadable video viewing tool with an easy to use in-browser flash based video layer which is quite similar in appearance to Apple Quicktime.

Now, when search for videos on Google Video Search, you can click on the video thumbnail to watch the video instantly in your browser (if you have broadband) instead of going through a cumbersome series of downloading and viewing. Like Google Talk, Blog Search and other offerings the new Google Video quick, simplistic and painless.

The technology behind the new Google Video is Macromedia Flash 7 as Google Blogoscoped reports “Google Video is now using Flash as video playback plug-in. Google rarely uses Flash, and mostly for promotional or tutorial purposes so far, but this may be an appropriate time (next to offering straight video file downloads – WMV, AVI, MPG, MOV, and what-not – which is even more accessible, but allows less control).

Diving into a bit more of techspeak, Philipp at GB explains “Google makes use of a Flash 7 player called ‘googleplayer.swf’. This player loads FLVs (Flash Video Files) in progressive mode, i.e. Google does not make use of a Flash Communication Server/ Flash Media Server 2. Instead, they transfer the files via HTTP. Additionaly, there’s some JavaScript which is called from the Flash which ensures only one video is played at a time.

Of course, with a new approach to Google Video, what better way to showcase your new offering that partner with a television network and air one of their hottest new shows on Google without any commercials. That’s right, with Google Video you can now view Chris Rock’s (yes, the Pookie from New Jack City and Saturday Night Live’s Nat X Chris Rock) new series “Everybody Hates Chris.”

Up until Thursday Google is showing the pilot episode of Chris’s new UPN series which is a semi-fictional show account of Chris’s Junior High days. Best thing about the program viewer, it’s no little screen and is shown on half of the browser window. This is a great leap for Google which hopefully will expand its UPN deal to include its other broadcast gems starring Denise Richards and Top Model’s Tyra Banks. Until then, I’ll be satisfied reliving my junior high (middle school) days with Chris Rock and Google.

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Google Debuts Chris Rock’s Show and Flash Video

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