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Google Ends Rich Results for Structured Data

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Google announced they are sun-setting structured data. Beginning in April 2020, structured data using microdata will not be eligible for rich results.

All sites still using structured data should begin moving to structured data.

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What is Structured Data is Google’s implementation of structured data introduced in 2009. It was superceded by structured data two years later in 2011. structured data is an open source structured data that Google and other organizations supported. In 2011 Google updated the site to add links to other pages to encourage the move to structured data.

Despite that, Google continued to support their version of structured data until today’s announcement.

Change Affects Rich Results

This is how Google’s announcement explained the change:

“As of April 6, 2020, markup will no longer be eligible for Google rich result features.”

Google further announced that they will be sending notices to publishers who still use the old system.

Lessons Learned

Always keep your structured data up to date with whatever Google states is their preferred version. JSON-LD structured data is Google’s preferred version.

One can put it off until it’s too late but at that point a publisher is under a deadline.

Now is the time to prioritize changing structured data to If it’s within your resources updating to JSON-LD structured data format is the preferred option because it is widely used and is the accepted standard.

Read Google’s announcement here: Sunsetting Support for Data-Vocabulary

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Google Ends Rich Results for Structured Data

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