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Google Dance Photos and Google Food

Google Dance Photos and Google Food

So last night was the Google Dance at GOOGplex in Mountain View with lots of Google-riffic stuff going on such as Robot Wars, a live soulful & funky band, and some nice conversation. Lee Odden has an excellent photo summary of the event and a simple search on Flickr will help visualize the goings on in the Plex.

The beer was flowing (Sierra Nevada was quite popular) and the Google Cafeteria instantly became the hangout as the night wore on and the band slowed down.

Upon stuffing my face with some awesome Google Corndogs and Gyoza I then remembered that there was a camera in my pocket, which gave me the opportunity to niche target my newly found venture into photojournalism – in the direction of Google Food.

Google Corndogs & Gyoza (Potstickers) : The corn dogs were actually a well seasoned & minced meat treat.

Google Salsa on Ice with Red Tortillas

Some strange assortment of cheeses, pineapple and trash – which was not the most popular destination in the cafeteria.


GOOGfountain Drinks (Diet Pepsi AND Diet Coke)

Google employee working on her 20% time project of optimizing the distribution of Google Corn Dogs – saving the company millions! What I did not get was the ‘Noogler’ hat.

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Google Dance Photos and Google Food

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