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Google Cuts Back on Incentives for Local Guides

Google Cuts Back on Incentives for Local Guides

Google introduced a points and level system to its Local Guides program late last year. The program rewarded Local Guides, those who help contribute to the Google Maps community, on a tier-based system. The more contributions you made, the more points you earned, and the higher your level would become.

Local Guides are being alerted that Google is now cutting back on one of its most generous offers — a free terabyte of storage for two years after reaching level 4. The company is reducing that amount of storage to 100GB for people who reach level 4.

According to this Google Help Center article, the decision was made as a result of the growth of the Local Guides community. With more people contributing to the program it makes sense that Google couldn’t keep with giving droves of people a free terabyte of storage.

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”We are changing the Drive storage benefit for Level 4 from 1 TB to 100 GB, so that we can continue giving Drive storage to all Level 4 qualified Local Guides.”

The good news is if you’re on the cusp of reaching level 4, you have until July 21st to level up and redeem your free 1TB of storage. Of course, if you have already reached level 4 or higher, Google will continue to honor your reward until its time runs out.


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