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Google Creates Merchant Center for Product Listings

Google Creates Merchant Center for Product Listings

To separate online content from product listings that are being submitted to its Google Base product, Google has split Base it into two components, creating the Google Merchant Center specifically for product listing and retaining Google Base to accommodate other online content submitted by users.

Google Base is an online facility provided by Google to publishers and companies to make their content searchable online. What makes Google Base different from the Google index is the fact that content owners can assign useful attributes to their content that will make them easily searchable. Anyone can submit content to Google Base, whether it be the type of material which is used for a jacket or the length of a specific auto part.

The Google Merchant Center on the other hand offers almost the same functionality. But this one is dedicated for product  related content  submitted by their respective owners. Google also promises to improve on the Google Merchant Center to at least make it at par with the status of Google Base.

According to Google Merchant Center Product Manager Loannis Kalafatis:

“If you submit products to Google, Google Merchant Center is now the place to upload your feeds, check on the status of your items, and get information on the performance of your listings.”

Despite the creation of the Google Merchant Center, Google Base will still be optimized to meet the needs of owners submitting their product for inclusion.

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Google Creates Merchant Center for Product Listings

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