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Google Courts Small Advertisers With Premium Support Pilot

Google launches a pilot program offering premium customer service and support for select small business Google Ads clients.

  • Google launches paid customer service pilot for small ads clients.
  • The goal is to provide high-touch support historically reserved for the largest advertisers.
  • Part of a long-term effort to improve customer experience and support for all ad sizes.

Google announced today it’s launching a new pilot program to provide enhanced customer service for a select group of small Google Ads customers.

New Pilot Program Offers Enhanced Support

According to a company statement, the goal of the paid pilot program is to:

“… provide agencies and advertisers with specialized one-on-one support tailored to specific customer needs.”

This marks a shift for Google, which has historically reserved this high-touch level of support for its largest advertising clients.

Addressing Complaints From Small Businesses

The change comes after increased complaints from small businesses who feel left behind by Google’s automated self-service options.

Google states in an email to Search Engine Journal:

“A common complaint from customers is that they want more specialized advice from Google experts and ideas for how they can improve their ads campaigns and optimize their budgets. The paid pilot for our smallest customers gives them a level and quality of support that has historically only been accessible to our largest customers.”

Google’s hands-off approach for smaller clients may be more cost-effective but fails to provide the expertise and guidance smaller businesses need to compete with more prominent brands.

Long-Term Strategy For Improved Customer Experience

While limited to a small number of participants initially, the pilot represents a long-term effort by Google to rethink and improve the customer experience for its advertising platform, which makes up the bulk of the company’s revenues.

Google’s statement continues:

“These changes are part of a long-term strategy that we’ll be building on overtime, testing, and learning as we go.”

Google plans to solicit in-depth feedback from pilot participants and adjust the program based on what works best for customers.

The goal is to eventually expand the level of support to more small and medium-sized advertisers over time.

Upgrades To Google Ads Help Center

Google has significantly upgraded the Google Ads Help Center to help customers resolve more issues on their own more easily.

Multimedia Enhancements

The upgrades include multimedia additions, such as videos and GIFs, across articles related to editing campaign settings, editing bids, and resolving data inconsistencies in Google Ads accounts.

Access For Agencies

Agencies working with pilot participants can also access their clients’ specialized paid support consultations.

Looking Ahead

Google said it will monitor results closely as it continues to explore options to enhance support for ad customers of all sizes.

Featured Image: Primakov/Shutterstock

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Google Courts Small Advertisers With Premium Support Pilot

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