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Google Continues to Rev Up Remarketing With Latest AdWords Innovations

Google Continues to Rev Up Remarketing With Latest AdWords Innovations

Google continues to make remarketing an even more powerful tool for advertisers with the release new advertising innovations, unveiled Wednesday at SMX East.

Google has promised to provide information about ad innovations throughout Advertising Week, which runs from September 26–30, and this is the company’s latest announcement.

Improved Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

The ability to adjust search ads, bids, and keywords based on how a person previously interacted with your site is made possible thanks to RLSA. Here’s how it will be improved upon going forward:

  • Cross-device remarketing: Target the same customer with relevant ads as they move between their various devices.
  • Keep people in your list longer: Now you can keep site visitors in your list for up to 540 days.
  • Remarketing lists at a campaign level: Later this year, Google will make it possible to do this, which will make it faster and easier to use RLSA.
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Demographics for Search Ads

Being released to all advertisers globally is a new feature called demographics for search ads (DFSA). This feature lets you target specific customer groups by adjusting bids for age and gender, and will provide reports on how each demographic is impacting your campaign. You can even exclude specific demographics in order to narrow down your audience even further.

We’ll continue to monitor and report on further Google AdWords announcements that occur throughout the week.


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